„Why Everybody Is Condemning Me“!

Was it I who started the worlds deadliest sin? Everybody heard the Story told or am I simply a commodity mortified by twist of fate yet, a wortless commodity the world should hate.

Why must I be the blame of every ill taken place could it be that the clothes I wore and the music I listen to put me in harms way when the bells of freedom suppose to have rung while all my pleas and cries for justice sustain me for only one day.

I sit in a nightmare, hellish is it’s bounds turning towards a light that’s not even there voices all around yelling and banging when I try to run away and be by myself, I only turn to the pain that’s bare.

Can anyone of you imagine awakening in an endless hell no  fire, no storms, only suffering and abuse where your nights are illusions of things your heart so longs for as your thoughts become numb by the eerie drips of lethal injection.

What damons am I really fight against the unseen ones that truly lurks in the dark? Omens of wonder yet time keeps passing by with broken dreams of trust that’s long been manss that manifested.

Sometimes I ponder what the hell I was born for I had no name or a reality I could see only unforseen foolishness that said I didn’t belong to a world of neglect and freakish wannabes.

I too was once deceived by the display of words like life, the pursuit of happiness and liberty home of the brave, land of the free, so explain to me why is everybody condemning me.

I sit waiting for death because society is told that has to be blamed, yet, you who condemn me will except this as fact with your crosses and hoods reading the bible with no shame.

I ponder at how many of you have ever sinned one, maybe two, how many of you did wrong whether you lied, cheated, stole a few Cents but, you now hide behind a title, as you cast many stones.

If I was an angel or holier than thou or maybe even a saint like the one that this world was built on would you rush to put a needle in my arm or look into the circumstances surrounding me and reverse a unjust decision.

For I see now that I’m only guilty of being born to who I am in a world where hate is law and murder is wrong for one, yet with a license it can be sanctioned by another, but even still I can’t understand „Why Everybody Is Condemning Me“!

Written By: Perry E. Williams Jr.